Clear Mind Clutter and Liberate Your Light

God sent you to this Earth to make a difference for good! You are a bright, shining star, meant to illuminate and lift others. But often, we’re our own worst enemy and get in our own way. It seems like the adversary and/or our subconscious minds run a script on us every time we set out to put something good into the world. And we fall for it as if it’s all true when really it’s just lies.

We have thoughts like:

Fear of self-expression – Who wants to listen to me? Other people are already teaching / doing what I’m wanting to do, why bother? I’m not unique enough. Or I have to be more unique…
Not feeling good enough, smart enough, capable enough, proficient enough, etc.
Fear of failure, which shows up as perfectionism, procrastination, distraction
Fear of success – what if it becomes too much for me to keep up with? What if I get proud/arrogant? What if I don’t have the time freedom that I enjoy because I have too many commitments?
Feeling like you can’t move forward because you don’t have enough clarity or don’t have the perfect niche or the right focus.
Fear of technology (need I say more) LOL
Money hangups – is it okay to make money? Feeling neediness around money that repels it, etc. Scarcity beliefs, generational issues around money.

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